This is quite a different post from my past ones.  I travelled to central Newfoundland a few weeks and as I approached Gander I saw the sign for Silent Witness ,the site of the Arrow Air crash of 1985.  I remembered how that tragedy impacted so many people at the time.  I had been bothered by the event for many years to the point that I would not get on a plane to travel anywhere without having to take a pill to calm my nerves.  Thankfully I am past that now.  But that morning as I drove past I was compelled to visit the memorial that had been erected to all those young people who lost their lives just before Christmas in 1989.  It was very moving to stand there and read through the list of names, see the wreaths that had been placed there by loved ones and hear nothing but the sound of the breeze in the silence of a wood overlooking the lake.

I took pictures that tell it all.  No words of mine could do better.  If you wish to read the plaques, click on the picture to enlarge.Image



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  1. Darlene says:

    Very moving. Thanks for sharing.

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