How the Grinch nearly Stole my Christmas

I thought it was an exaggeration.  I thought that only young people were guilty of it.  I thought that I would never be exposed to it.  I was wrong!

What are you talking about, you ask. I am referring to a recent Christmas outing  to a dinner theatre called How the Grinch Stole Christmas _ in Newfoundland.  It was my gift to me -big event of the year, expensive, dressy affair, with a group of women all middle aged or senior  and, unexpectedly for me , their i-phones.  ( I don’t have one)  There were six people.  Two  were empty handed , my friend and me.  Unfortunately she was not sitting next to me ; an i-phone with a human attached sat between us.

We made eye contact, my friend and I.  I could read her thoughts. You see we were more advanced than the others.  Our mental  acuity surpassed the electronic media.  We didn’t need a phone to communicate.

Her eyes said ; You see that?

Mine replied : yes, phones everywhere. Can you believe this?

I could read her thoughts.

Well isn’t this a wonderful social evening!

My mental response : Not very polite, are they?

Her quick upward flick of  eyebrows , twisted lip , and shrugging shoulders told me how she regarded our companions. I could read her thought : How boring!   Her yawn confirmed I had read correctly.

Four heads were looking downwards.  The faces reflected the glow of their gadgets.  Too bad they weren’t looking in mirrors to see the  twisted brows and biting lips of intense concentration.  I wondered if they were talking to someone, looking at pictures or playing solitaire.

I amused myself with chatting across the table to my friend using  telepathy, head movements and lip reading.

I tossed a glance around the dining hall .  To my amazement at the very next table sat a woman with the same glowing  face, head tilt and hand position of the Stepford clones that surrounded me.  She held her phone slightly beneath the lip of the table supposedly to  be unobtrusive.  Her friends seemed to be engaged in the primitive form of communication which consisted of lip movements ,vocalizations,  smiles, laughter, hand gestures and body language. I envied them and wondered how this misfit came to be seated there and not with our group.

It was fitting that the entertainment was  a  musical about the Grinch.  I wondered if he would have an i-phone too-   a sure way to ensure that all of  Whoville would rue the holiday season.


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  1. Ada Briem says:

    Great Judy. Good to see you back at work.


  2. I get it. Even though I have an android which gives me great pleasure I try to put it away when Im with friends. I do check my messages frequently but quickly. I think we should get used to turning off the phone. Perhaps we should have a phone free day per week or month. Enjoyed your post.

  3. I think you could rename your blog Grand Falls Woman’s Rant!!!

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