If you haven’t seen it, if you’ve been married long enough where the honeymoon stage is a vague memory, or you were married and are now divorced, then Hope Springs is a must see.movie.  I saw  it twice and both times found it hilarious. The first time I went with a friend, divorced like me and the second time I saw it with my sister who has been married for forty years and my daughter , married for seven.

The stars in this movie are Merryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones , two veteran actors who play roles with precision and absolute believability.  They are a couple who have been married for thirty years . When Arnold falls asleep watching tv, Kay gently nudges him to go to bed. She shuts off the tv, turns off the lights and the two of them walk up the stairs together. They are a robotically normal couple.  My long married sister whispers her observation in my left ear, Aww, nice and comfortable.  Simultaneously my daughter  married for a very few years mutters, I hope we never get like that. 

 I start to laugh.  Talk about how perspectives change as we travel from one stage of our lives to another!

And my own thought as a divorcee and having experienced  Arnold and Kay’s life  to the ultimate irreparable conclusion …….

How sad, they have drifted so far apart ! Will they find one another again or end up as I did? 


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  1. Darlene says:

    I guess I am lucky, we have been married for 35 years and the magic is still there! Second time lucky for me. Haven’t seen the movie yet but plan to.

  2. Too funny! I saw it and wondered how Meryl Streep’s character put up with such a nonresponsive partner. Comfortable but borrrrrring! I enjoyed the movie although the contrariness and stubbornness went on too long.

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