Where are the paparazzi? CBC? NTV?  I’ve barely been outside my door for the past three days for fear of being overwhelmed by my fans, dear as they may be.   Likely they are hiding behind the trees or in the bushes with their high powered lenses just waiting for me to make a move. Shortly I must take a peek through the living room blinds.

I could barely sleep on Friday night.  I was riding a high-  a heady, exhilarating , overwhelming rush of love and gratitude for the applause my two buddies and I received at our debut at the Retired Citizens Club .  We sang our complete repertoire of folk songs and never did I imagine how addictive the cries and clapping could be.  I swear I have become an applause junkie.   Imagine what it will be like once we fill all the bookings that are surely awaiting our notice.

You are probably wondering what an applause junkie feels?  Well, the immediate reaction is, ” Wow. they really like us!”  I say “us” to be polite but really I was thinking “me”.

Then there is the action all around you that makes your heart race and your head feel dizzy and there is  an infusion of energy .  Everything is charged ,  a bolt of lightening that remains for twenty seconds.  You feel that you are blasting into space and all the planets are rushing towards you .

Once your body has leaped into the ship of adulation and adoration there is no stopping until the trip is complete.  And Friday night I lay in my bed tossing and turning, the melodies doing reruns for hours after the music had stopped.  Blowing in the Wind, Where Have all the Flowers Gone, The Shores of Avalon played on the continuous turntable of musical neurons.  I could not sleep.  I could hear the applause, taste it, smell it.  It was spectacular! I wanted more.

I can hardly wait for our next gig.  Maybe the numbers will grow like the number of blog readers I’ve seen.  How many in the audience this time?  Fifty.  Hmm Let’s aim for a hundred next time. Double that… two hundred….then four hundred .  Six gigs and we will be over a thousand.  That will be 20 times the applause volume of our debut.  Will my mature heart be able to handle it?

What if no one comes?

Oh , they will, even if I have to pay them.


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  1. ada briem says:

    Ah Judy, you are so funny/ Shall send you a few shekels to assist with that payment?

  2. I must have a video of your spectacular group. Send it asap so I can set-up a fan club in the good old USA.

  3. ada briem says:

    Why, yes of course, I would love one and I’m sure you will receive it far before your demise.

  4. Hilarious one! I always knew you’d be famous one day. Send me one of the complimentary videos please! I won’t miss one minute, oh talented ONE!

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