It is important to pamper yourself whenever you get the chance.

What a wonderful day I had yesterday !  And it all came about due to a birthday gift.  You might think it was a present I received but it wasn’t.  It was a gift I gave.  Some months ago I purchased a two and a half hour session at a spa for $29.95.  I bought three of them.  After all it was a real steal to my mind.  The coupon entitled the owner to a pedicure, manicure, massage and facial. I simply could not pass that up.  One I purchased for my daughter and one each for my friend and me.  We thought it a great idea to plan a day together around her birthday which we did.

At 9:15 am we set out for Manuels about 20 minutes from St. John’s.  We arrived too early so a coffee at Tim’s seemed a good idea since it was near the spa. We didn’t have enough time to finish our coffee so when we had to leave we took them  with us and headed towards the door.  As usual there was a kilometer long lineup of people spilling through the door onto the parking lot.  But the most interesting thing was that as I walked past it I sensed a rush of testosterone . Every human being there was male.   Ordinarily I would never be aware of that overpowering presence of masculinity but this was a day I was catering to the female in me through a little pampering.  All my senses were in overdrive.

We entered the sanctity of  the salon and for the next three and a half hours we were totally self -absorbed . That is no error .  The two and half hours stretched  an hour longer.  Back rubs, foot massages, hot packs , heated towels , rosemary and cardamom scented creams, fountains trickling in the background and soft music titillated our senses.  We left feeling warm and fuzzy.

Of course we couldn’t stop there as one of our senses was begging attention.  That was TASTE.  So off we headed to Jungle Jims where we had chicken tacos and rice. The world was bright.  And I do mean bright because even the sun graced us with its appearance.  And that is no little thing for May month in Newfoundland.

Rather than have dessert we opted for a walk along the Virginia River Trail.  The trees were burgeoning not quite in full bloom but almost there, the wind sang through the branches and barely cooled us in the heat of the afternoon. We watched a solitary duck swim in a shaded area of the river and later searched for a resident swan on the lake.  It was a day full of sensory delight.  A gift I purchased for my friend was as much a gift to me.

Today I am thinking it was an excellent decision I made to buy those coupons because reality has a way of giving you a few slaps.  In contrast to yesterday,  I am obliged  today to pay two plumbers bills, my car registration and the charge  to have my tires changed.  To top it all off  Honda Motors just called to let me know that while they were changing  the tires they noticed I need new brake pads.  Sigh!!

Well at least I can hand over my Visa Card with lovely manicured finger nails.


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  1. Thanks,Judith! It was an awesome day. I enjoyed every minute. Spending it with you, and you driving and spending, what more could a girl want?

  2. Reblogged this on newfoundlandtraveller and commented:
    I was the one being treated by my Grand Falls friend. Thanks again for your friendship and generosity!

  3. Sounds heavenly and so great to do this with a good friend.

  4. Dor says:

    What a delightfully charming gift you gave to everyone that day! You had me wishing I was part of the group. 🙂

  5. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like a wonderful, happy day. Belated Happy birthday to Pauline!

  6. I will pass on your wishes to Pauline. She often asks about you.

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