My infrared heater that cost over five hundred  dollars not two years ago has become very temperamental lately.  I think the foggy weather has seeped into its coils.  It has been a friend to me warming  my feet which constantly feel the cold of my laminate flooring.  And when it dies on me I miss its comfort.

Yesterday I returned home after spending a week out of town.  I could hardly wait to return to the warmth and familiarity of my own abode despite the fact that my determination was to complete my income tax return , a dubious pleasure for sure.  The only comfort was that I could  point the infrared rays of my heater  towards the table where I was sitting  and feel somewhat soothed.

Wouldn’t you know it,  the moment I sat down and started the calculations, the bright orange heat coils turned dark only the cold silver shining  through the screened aperture at the front.  My western chinook became the blast of  a polar easterly.   The fan had the audacity to continue blowing its unrelenting gale across my blue feet.

I resisted the urge to kick the object across the floor and settled for a sharp tap on the back panel.  The elements lit up! Great!  Not ten minutes later they  died again.  Another harder tap produced  ten more minutes of heat.  Once again it died.  The tap became a knock . And so this continued for the rest of the afternoon and evening till eventually I was banging on the darn thing.

Today, the heater is playing the same old game.  As I sit writing it cuts in never reaching the set temperature of 70 degrees, then it cuts out , gets a smart tap and goes again.  I know it is silly to hate an inanimate object but my beloved infrared heater has let me down and I no longer have the affection for it that I once did.   I suppose I will seek a replacement. What fails to warm my life is no longer needed.  The heater will have to go.


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  1. I recall having a tiny heater in Petite Forte that was going all the time, until one night in the middle of winter it caught on fire. I was lucky I was awake at the time and unplugged it. I didn’t trust another one after that. No heat at all, my water froze, and I had to shower at a friend’s house! That was the winter of my discontent, you could say! Go get a new one, girl! Ya know ya need it with our Newfoundland weather.

  2. Ada Briem says:

    Hey Erma, good one. Missed your postings lately. Don’t pitch your little infrared out just yet. It may be just a simple little loose connection that needs fixin. If you have any plans to see Jean & Eugene in the near future, I”m sure he would be glad to take a peek at it.( Don’t tell him I said so) He’s the best little fixer upper in the world. Love that bro- in- law. Have a great day and keep on writing.

    • You are so right about Eugene. He fixed a pipe for me last year and I’ll be darned if I don’t have to get another one fixed this year. Also he installed a new dishwasher for me. He is a real gem. But this time I will fix the pipe. Wouldn’t want to take advantage of him. lol

  3. Anonymous says:

    Nice warm lavendar lounging pyjamas help a lot when it’s cold. With a pair of home made wool socks, it’s lovely!

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