There is a beauty about reaching 60 plus.  It is a reason to celebrate.  I am so lucky.  When I think of all the people I have known that never reached the number of birthdays I have, it makes me wonder why I have been so blessed. With every year I live I see more and more beauty in life.  Of course my face today has the lines of age but I find an attractiveness in it that I failed to see at  twenty.  When I look at pictures of myself as a young woman I see a beautiful person .  My skin is smooth, smile is wide and lovely, shoulder length hair shimmers and my legs are long , waist is narrow and I exude confidence.  That is the old photograph.

But that is not at all what I saw when I looked at that photo forty years ago.  Then I saw a girl who needed to lose weight, whose legs were too big, hair was ok, teeth needed fixing and  skin was mottled.  I must have been crazy.  How could I have had such a low opinion of myself?  And it didn’t stop there.  It went to my very core.  I never felt intelligent enough, talented enough , popular enough or generally good enough.  I was a wreck.   How crazy was that?

Now I have lines around my eyes, my hair is turning grey, my waistline has disappeared, my legs have shortened ( no kidding, I used to be tall, now I am looking up at everyone) and I struggle to play the guitar and sing.  So why is it that I am so pleased with the way I am today?  One would think I’d be reluctant to go around the door.

Not so.  I like me more now than I ever did as a young person.  What has changed?  Well, for one thing ,my focus is not on me any more.  It is on everyone and everything around me.  I love the feeling that goes with a good laugh.  I relish the moments when there is harmony around me, both in music and in relationships.  I fill up on sunny days, long drives, my granddaughter’s hugs, my mother’s rich laughter when we talk on the phone and the smell of a raisin cake baking in the oven.  I don’t need a million dollars, a large house or fancy clothes.  I can take the wrinkles, the grey hair, the missing teeth, and maybe later ,stooped shoulders.  These are the trophies that go with my years , not to be mourned but to be applauded.


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  1. Such a lovely post! You must be blessed to feel so contented with your life as it is today. It’s the way it should be and an lovely view of getting older. How I love to gaze at the stars in the summertime, sit by the water and watch waves roll in, enjoy a good movie, and simply enjoy the simple pleasures that I once took for granted. Way to go sis!

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