The lights are out.  One hour sitting in my recliner watching a flickering candle and typing on my laptop is not so bad.  I went one better than the eight lights switched off and turned off my heater as well.  I wonder what the result will be.  Will we discover that an hour here and there without lights is actually fun?  Maybe one day we will turn off street lights for an hour too?  Imagine the savings in power consumption.  I’m all for it.

Ten minutes have flown already.  It is quite peaceful.  No television. No radio.  Just the darkness relieved slightly by one burning candle  and the glowing computer screen.  I may have to get out my snuggly though .  Doing without the heat is more noticeable than doing without lights.  If I were to make a  fire in the woodstove  that would be the cat’s meow.  But for one hour it is hardly worth the effort.  Bedtime will come within two hours and neither lights nor heat will matter.

I placed a notice on Facebook to remind friends of Earth Hour.  I hope the information or reminder was impetus enough for them to turn off even one light .  Perhaps we will get some feedback about the success of this evening’s mini blackout. It would be a refreshingly positive news item, I would bet.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Were all my lights off? I don’t know. It was too dark to search all four levels of the house to see if either light was left on.

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