Okay, so I had a blizzard last night.  I know, I know , I should feel guilty.  I do.  It has been on my mind all morning.  A full 660 calories ! All I have to do now is  work out.  My research tells me that if I take part in Curves for 19 401 minutes that blizzard will sail past my buttocks and launch out into space.  Or, I could sweat it off on the treadmill for 41 minutes.  The catch is it  must be at a 10% incline and maintain a pace of 6 mph. That spells heart attack.  Or I could reduce my caloric intake today by 330 calories and do the same tomorrow .  Ok that seems the better plan of action.  Carrot soup for lunch, bouillon for supper.  No wine, no bread, no fats,no sweets, just fresh air and water after that.  I might as well be comatose.  For the next couple of days if I sound cerebral you will know my body is being whipped into shape , being cleansed and who knows this may be the way I will find the presence that previous meditation failed to conjure up.


3 responses »

  1. You’re cracked! Hilarious!

  2. Anonymous says:

    You go girl!

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