A Dairy Queen location in Moncton

The weather calls for 25 to 30 cm of snow this evening and tomorrow.  Yea!!!!!!!  There is always a thrill when snow is forecast.  It is a call to pile the blankets on my bed and be prepared for a  good long snooze .  Stack the books next to the bed, plug in the computer next to them, and snuggle down.

I feel like a bear readying for hibernation which may explain why I had a craving for something delicious to eat.  Now by delicious , I mean something that is akin to mortal sin.  My first thought was for french fries, the real ones, golden, almost brown, hot , crunchy outside and soft inside and with lots of salt, like MacDonalds used to have before threats of lawsuits forced them to hold back on this necessary enhancement.  I resisted the urge  and put on some popcorn instead.  That was not very satisfying.  Butter makes popcorn.  This popcorn had none. I am always thinking of the caloric count though you would never think so by looking at me. It was cardboard flavoured and not very satisfying.

Within minutes of finishing the popcorn , I wanted some of the brownies I had made in the afternoon. It was a recipe I found that used two ingredients, a devils food cake and a can of pumpkin, not the pie filling but pure pumpkin.  I mixed the two things together, no eggs, no oil , no water, and put the mixture in a square pan.  After 30 minutes of baking at 350 degrees I had twenty five brownies.  They were less than 80 calories each. Not bad if I could restrict myself to one. I ate three.  So having more while waiting for the storm was out of the  question.

I ate a banana.

A few minutes later I was craving something else.  Better do something constructive, I thought, to take my mind off food. The garbage needed to be put out in the trash can before it became buried under the snow.  That was something I could do.  I removed the bag from the undercounter garbage can, put it in a large green bag and carried  it outside.  What a lovely evening it was!  Hard to believe a storm was coming.  It felt like spring. Cool but not cold, bare pavement,dry.  What a nice night to go for a walk if I hadn’t been fighting the flu for the past week.  Well perhaps a drive would do.

I went inside, picked up my keys, slid into my Birkenstocks, whipped a coat on over my pyjama top that I’d been wearing all evening and out I went to my Honda.  My intention was to take a short drive up the road, around the block , maybe drive around like a teen ager and see how much traffic was on the go.  I am well past the age when you drive to see who is checking out whom.  The only things I check out these days are  the number of potholes that could burst my tires.

Just up ahead I spotted Dairy Queen.  Bad timing.  Bad idea to take this drive.  Dairy Queen!  The home of the chocolate Blizzards!  My car had a mind of its own.  Before I could say 2000 calories my mouth was ordering the most decadent Blizzard on the list, the Chocolate Xtreme.   At least I had enough sense to order the small size.  I couldn’t wait .  It had been months since I had tasted one. I rounded the building out of the drivethrough and pulled into  a nearby parking space. I whipped off the plastic lid , extracted the spoon and dug in with the gusto of a bear in a pot of honey. There is nothing could beat the taste of  icecream riddled with chunks of chocolate that swish around in my mouth, exciting my taste buds and satisfying the craving that had begun four hours earlier with the weather forecast.  I savoured every mouthful .  Why hadn’t I just gotten in my car as soon as I had heard the weather forecast?  I could have at least spared myself the brownies, the popcorn, and the banana if I had given in the moment I heard the blizzard warning.


4 responses »

  1. You’ll be sick by the time the blizzard, the real one, arrives!

  2. Ada Briem says:

    Great one Judy. Fantastic idea to have that Blizzard before the Blizzard. Never know when you may be able to get one again with that kind of forecast.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sounds so good! It’s something that I would do! My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

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