Today I choose to be contrary.  I am allowed that once every sixty six blogs.  That makes today the day.  So here are ten of my pet peeves.  That is, they are those little annoyances that you can laugh about or in my case write about.

Number one:  People who read my blogs and do not leave a comment.  There have been almost 2000 readers and a little over 200 comments .  They do not check  “like” not that they have to check “like”. I would appreciate a “hate” if there were one there.  If they would comment with a criticism even it would make my day.  Anything is better than being ignored. Ask anyone who is married.

Two:  People who don’t respond to invitations, emails, smiles , or a finger.  Is anyone home there at all?  Or am I invisible?  Once again, anything is better than being ignored.

Three:  One hundred sports channels on tv.

Four:  Someone improving on my recipe ,at my dinner table , after they have just told me how delicious it is. Do you flatter me to get my attention before you rip away the pleasure of your compliment?  I like my recipe.  If you think it will be better  another way, fine.  You do it your way, serve it to me, and if I think it is nicer I will say so and change mine. At least make it before you suggest an improvement and if you want another invitation to dinner never improve on the meal in front of other company.  Oh boy!  Am I going to lose some friends after this.

Five:  Drivers who graze my bumper, whip out around me like a bat out of hell, cut in front of me and within fifty feet take an off ramp when there is not another car in sight.

Six : The Supermarket Shuffle or what I now refer to as the Costco Shuffle.  You have to picture this.  Usually it is NOT a young person.  (How nice to be able to give the young people a break).  No, it is a worn out able bodied middle aged or older human being who has forgotten how to walk without the aid of a shopping cart.  The body droops over the basket like a wet noodle. The arms rest on the handle bar in a chicken dance pose.  The backside sticks up in your face and undulates  s-l-o-w-l-y from side to side to the rhythm of a death march.  Usually there are two or more other human beings that are partners in this shuffle  and they trudge with equal grace on either side of the  prima donna.

Seven: People who buy a suitcase load of lotto tickets that they have to peel off at the checkout while I am waiting to pay for my $80 fill-up.  It could be that paying the $80 is the more aggravating situation.

Eight:  Gas station hoses.   I can bet that when I drive into a station there will not be a free spot with a driver’s side hose. And those hoses have a mere arm’s length stretch. They simply have to go.  There is enough frustration with gas these days never mind having to back up , or turn the car around to get the darned stuff.  Make all hoses spring loaded so you can reach  the gas tank.  Or put all gas tanks on the same side of vehicles.  Is that such an impossible thing to do? It seems to me they should take $5000 off the price of any car that has the gas tank on the passenger side.   We pay enough for the privilege of driving without having the extra work of walking around the car for a fill up.

Nine:  People in movie theatres.  Ever notice that in a near empty cinema,  there will usually be one person who chooses the seat directly in front of the one you are in?  I think it is the bonding impulse. Or it is my magnetic personality.  The one other disconcerting behaviour is when you are the only person in a row and someone sits in the seat next to you and has the audacity to use the  single armrest on your side.

Ten:  People who stand on my bottom lip when they talk to me.   One time at a Christmas function I was engaged in a conversation with my husband’s  boss. It went on for about twenty minutes. He stood so close to my nose that my eyes  crossed. So I slowly put one foot behind me , turned my body slightly did a slight shift,  paused ,slipped  the other foot back , shifted and repeated the process. Many times.  Of course this was done in barely perceptible slow motion.   If we could fast forward this conversation on film we would see a perfect dance manoeuver.  By the time the conversation ended we had travelled the length of the room.

So ends the list of today’s ten pet peeves.  There are many more such as toilet paper rolls that part with one square at a time, three hour waits in my doctor’s office for a prescription refill, waiting for price checks at Zellers (no wonder they are closing) income tax, property tax, sales tax, fuel tax………….. The list goes on.


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  1. Ada Briem says:

    Oh, poor Judy. That’s amazingly fast for postpartum symptoms to start. Hope you are feeling better soon. lol

    • Awwww thanks. Just exhausted from this pregnancy. I had all the symptoms then and I guess they continue now. Did I write a blog about sympathetic pregnancy? Oh yes, I did, Couvade. No end , is there?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Everyone is allowed their pet peeves so if you want to get them off your chest, this is the way to go. Write it down, add some humour, and let the chips fall where they may! I’ve also had occasions where I’ve had to dance that same little dance and reading about it has given me my laugh for the day!

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