I’m sitting in my recliner again.  Yes, again.  Would you believe it!  Yesterday I reclined in it nearly the entire day.  And I am red in the face as I say, I DIDN”T GO FOR MY WALK.  That is the second time in two weeks I missed my walk.  So, da once, I am getting my derriere in gear and driving my car to the stadium where there is free parking.  And I will WALK to Coffee Matters to meet my friend.  And that might just give me the impetus to take a longer walk later.

It isn’t looking very inviting outside.  The sky is gray, and everything else is white.  I like colour.  Lots of it.  The kind that you see in bright sunshine, or in an art gallery , a canvas of amber, ruby , sapphire and jade.  The colour of authentic jewels.  But today is a coal day. And cold too.

Anyway perhaps I will hear some sounds that will compensate for the lack of colour. Maybe the birds will sing and the wind will whisper its rhythm in my ear.  I will never know if I don’t get up and push myself out the door.  So here I go.  Walk, walk , walk …… stay healthy.


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  1. You get going girl! You are so much better at pushing yourself out the door than I am! I tend to succumb to the easy solution like curling up on the chesterfield and reading!

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