I’ve reached over 1500 views of my blog. That , in my opinion, is wonderful!  Thank you for reading.  Thank you for leaving your comments.  Thank you for sharing your own thoughts about things I have written.  It is so rewarding when friends, family and perfect strangers take the time to listen to my rambling and respond with thoughts of their own.

I know several people who are secret poets, writers of fiction, journal writers, philosophers , craftsmen/women, cooks etc. who keep their talents hidden.  The web and sites like WordPress are great avenues of exploration for entertainment and information.  I encourage anyone who is reading this to share your thoughts with others.  Don’t hide your light under a bushel.  Let it shine just as the song says.  Never underestimate the power of  the flame from one little candle to create a great conflagration.

We all have stories to tell.  My own is not extraordinary.  But I have listened to people who have had the most extraordinary experiences, who have dealt with ,what I would find, insurmountable problems, and could be an inspiration to others as they have been to me.  But the stories are not recorded. I urge you to do that now .

One friend of mine has a collection of poems .  Another is an aspiring writer of children’s stories, and yet another writes a journal of thoughts and philosophical ponderings.  No one knows of these people and their genius. Here is the tool for you.  Give some thought now to using it.  Seize the opportunity.

You are an artist, a photographer, writer of music?  There are no limits here.  Go for it.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    That’s the spirit! Way to go Judith!

  2. You are so funny! Keep tickling my funny bone. I need more laughter.

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