My lovely recliner has seduced me.  Yes, indeed.  I have even written an entire blog about it.  You’d swear we were lovers , the amount of time I spend it its arms.  We have melded together and parts of my anatomy have nearly sprung roots into the foam like a root cutting in a glass of water.  Had I stayed there much longer I would have disappeared into the suede upholstery and all you would see is a mere impression of what was once Judith.

Fortunately , I took control of my mind , and made the decision to cut the mental tentacles that were  turning me into some amoeba  like membrane that had nary a muscle.  I took to the streets.  Each morning for the past three days, at six forty five, I leap from my bed and before I have time to think I pull on my jeans and running shoes or boots , depending on the weather  and rush through the door to do a walk around my subdivision.  So far it is a mere thirty minutes.  I have to get back to make breakfast for my grand daughter.  Actually  I don’t HAVE to .  I want to.  It is a pleasant time to be with her alone and along with the walk it starts myday off just right.

There is no better time to walk , in my opinion, than early morning.  Today there were only two sets of footprints on my street.  At first I thought it was a single set made by someone who was drunk or someone who had a three foot bar separating his legs. It was when I came to a crossing I realized two people had made the footprints because one set went left and the other went straight ahead.  Had I checked really closely I would have noted a difference in the shoe treads.  Anyway it was an interesting few minutes of sleuthing.

I passed a car that was idling in a driveway.  I concluded someone had a remote starter.  I guess they have  a good bank account too.  First I felt envious and then Iconsoled myself with the thought that I was not adding unnecessarily to the further deterioration of the environment. No starters for me.

Every driveway had a dusting of snow. Here and there I saw that people had already left their homes.  The tire tracks were fresh.  And the recylcling bags were on the edge of the street along with the week’s garbage.

I met no person out walking this morning.  Perhaps it was too frosty a day.  I could see my breath.  I had thought I would be very uncomfortable after checking the weather forecast and seeing the temperatures were going to be low.  But , I was not.  There was no wind.  That made all the difference.  The sun was shining too although it was still low in the sky.  Its rays compensated for the low air temperature.

A solitary dog barked its warning to me as I neared a walled garden.  I just hoped he could not get out. I imagined only for a second , sharp teeth biting into my ankles and calves. Then I shook away that thought and pushed on.

I could hear birds chirping here and there as I walked.  But I couldn’t see any.  When I looked around and up in the sky there were two seagulls only.  It wasn’t them that I heard chirping.  I thought the choristers might be in some naked birch trees that lined the street.  But not one was visible.  Then I thought they might be in the ornamental pine trees that I saw in a couple of yards.  No, not there either.  While I walked and searched around me, I thought how amazing it is that little creatures could survive in the cold with merely a few feathers to keep them warm.  And here I was with several layers of clothing , four to be exact and a substantial amount of  natural body padding , and I doubted I would survive a day outside in that cold.

But where were the little darlings?  I could hear but not see them.  I walked about 1/2 kilometer when I spotted one.  It was what we call a robin , but I think is not the typical robin.   It did have a red breast.  It was not in a birch tree, nor a pine tree.  It was on the roof of a house.  Clever bird.  Where else could it find such warmth?  All the heat in that house was making its way to the roof.  And that little bird was reaping the benefit.

I continued my walk.  The sky was clear and the birches reached out their limbs  as if in praise to the sun.  I could, as I looked up through their branches , see a procession of small cumulous clouds drift by. Everything was still and except for the birds, silent.  And just like that I felt exhiliration. No other moment existed.  I was a part of the air, sun , sky and trees. Past,present and future fused together in a single moment and I felt joy.


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  1. Beautiful post! I enjoyed reading it and enjoying your walk right along with you.

  2. Such joy, such bliss! It’s amazing how we handicap ourselves and do not enjoy all that life has to offer! We are indeed seduced by our couches and computers. Thanks for making that walk so much more enticing!

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