I made my pancake again this morning and omitted any spray oil or other oils.  I wanted to see if the non stick pan really worked as well as brushing lightly or spraying.  And I am happy to say it did.  My pancake was light and fluffy.  The only thing I need to remember is to take a photo some morning when I do it again.  First I will have to do some rummaging  to find a really attractive plate or at least a plate that will enhance the beauty of my crepe superieure.  Isn’t that a lovely name? I love the French language.  It adds such a musical flair  to the mundane. Hmm that gives me an idea.  I wonder if I wear a French Maid uniform , you know with the net stockings, stiletto heels, black mini and white ruffled apron, would that contribute to the aura of my crepe superieure.    On second thought I think that might deter you from ever touching a crepe again.  Superieure or otherwise.  Quash that dream .  Brigitte ,I am not.  Maybe, Jemima?


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  1. So hilarious! I think this blog is letting all your inhibitions surface. French maid? You? You can always come here and clean my house! Not!!! Love the humorous pieces!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Aw, you are beautiful just the way you are, no need for any enhancements,
    Tried your recipe and it turned out fantastic, except next time I will add a little sugar to the batter. Texture was wonderful and fluffy.
    Keep cooking and blogging.

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