I don’t believe it!  Second childhood,  I have arrived!

I have typically enjoyed watching programs like The Fifth Estate, Market Place , Doc Zone and other informative documentaries.  They are knowledge based and come in handy as conversation boosters on social occasions.  And if you have no original idea to present you can always steal an opinion from one of those programs and come off seeming fairly intelligent.  However I have had an awakening to another of the perquisites of aging which is the appreciation of non age relevant material .  Or perhaps in this case it was very age relevant.

Today I watched Caillou with my little grand-daughter.  Caillou , if you have not been initiated, is a thirty minute animation of a whiny little boy who is becoming aware of all the disturbing and happy nuances of growing up .  And today he had to bury a little bird that he and his dad found.

This prompted him to ask, “Dad , why did the bird die?”

And Dad replied, ” He died because he was too old.”

The story went on then with everyone he met making some reference to his getting older.  The intent was  to praise Caillou on  his mature growth.  But he was becoming more and more disturbed  till eventually he blurted out to his Dad that he was afraid of getting older because he didn’t want to die like the little bird.

At that moment my thirty three year old daughter came into my livingroom where I was watching all this on my tv.   Apparently she spoke to me and didn’t get a response; I was so totally absorbed.   But I did hear her remark to my two and a half year old grand-daughter as she urged her quietly through the door,     “Shhh ! Nanny is watching Caillou.” And much to my chagrin there wasn’t a trace of surprise in her voice.


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  1. Big laugh! Enjoyed reading about “Caillou”.

  2. Thanks .Have you come to the point where you enjoy it too? 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ahhh yes, but ya just can’t beat Barney or Pee Wee Herman!

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