January 1

I have given up making resolutions that come with the new year ; I seldom keep them. I made one two weeks ago before the advent of 2012 and that was to see the positives in growing old, chronologically speaking that is.  So today , the beginnning of the new year I am renewing my interest in seeing my advancing age as a wonderful event like the fireworks at Quidi Vidi Lake last night.  They were spectacular!

I haven’t seen the New Year’s Fireworks in over twenty five years and it seems as though all the good forces in the universe came together to ensure that I would be there last night.  The weather was perfect.  The walking was easy ; no snow or ice.  There were no obligations at home.  And a friend of mine had the idea for us to go together.  Everything was impromptu last night.  Fresh tenderloins were in my refrigerator which is quite unusual.  I had desserts on hand , good coffee to brew  and a movie to entertain us in the early hours of the evening.

The only problem I had was that in the two hours we spent walking before the pyrotechnics began I got chilled.  And we couldn’t even find a warm car engine to get close to.  Eventually we came across a fire engine that was still running.  I ran over to it, felt all round the outside but all I found was cold metal.  We weren’t going to warm up on that.  So we stood near the barracade that kept people back from the danger area and waited.  Then a light bulb went on in my head .  Perhaps there would be heat near the exhaust pipe of the truck.  Back I went and to my absolute joy, there was  a pipe on the side of the truck that was pumping out warmth.  I squatted so that my posterior could get the full benefit since that was one area that was cold.  And risking asphixiation I remained there till the first flare shot into the sky.  Then the noise, colour and light took my mind off my chilled body and I was like a child , filled with wonder and excitement as the flashes whistles , pops  and bang s  filled my senses.

After a brief display we headed for home.  I intended do some writing  on my computer but once again I became aware of my chilled bones and got no relief till I snuggled under my electric blanket and thawed out.  And was that fabulous.  No spa could do better than that blanket.  I was in heaven. It was a perfect New Years Eve.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Did you watch the fireworks on the waterfront? It must have been beautiful!

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