I’ve been writing on the advantages of growing old and forgot the most obvious.  There are monetary advantages .

Finally I am entitled to 10 % discounts at many stores on given days of the week.

When I go to a movie I get a discount.

Banks no longer charge me transaction fees.  Of course I had that privilege for a long time because many years ago I discovered a bank that offered free services no matter what your age.

A friend told me yesterday that she gets a discount on her property taxes. It was 10% off.  I immediately called city hall but was told  that offer is not available in St. John’s.

If I go to MacDonalds I get a seniors’ coffee for $.99 which includes all the refills I want.  Now there’s a deal!  That offer is ongoing except for periods when there is a special of $.75.  I like that.  The price some of the restaurants charge for coffee is outrageous.

Some restaurants offer seniors meals that are smaller than the regular .  It is similar to the Kiddies’ meals but for the aging population.  Unfortunately that doesn’t work well for me because I still have an “adult” appetite.

Recreational facilities charge less for seniors.  Good thing.  Keep us healthy and there will be less stress on the health care facilities.  To meet our demise while working out is more attractive than through lingering illness.

I don’t know if there are seniors’ days for groceries. If there were we might have more healthy elderly .  Fruit and vegetables are pricing themselves right off the menu.   I know  Sobeys offers students a break on their grocery bills of 10% one day of the week, Tuesdays I think.  Pensioners are getting to the point where they will soon need some assistance to meet their food requirements also with the cost of living rising as it is and pensions remaining fixed.

Courses of study in guitar, dancing,  bridge and many others often are less expensive for seniors.

Other monetary advantages are :

I no longer have to pay into a pension plan.

I do not need life insurance; my children are reared and there is no other dependent.

Perhaps there are many other places where we can save money .  If you know of any  how about sharing the information with others by leaving a comment here.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    So true! Love those discounts!

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