A few years ago I dropped in to my friends’ house around lunch time.  I had no conscious intent to stay for a meal  but quite naturally being the nice people they are, they invited me to stay for a bite.  I did.

The table was already set so in a matter of minutes my place was laid out too.  At that time my health was absolutely super_not an ache nor a pain!  Other than a few missing back teeth all parts were present and accounted for.  Blood pressure was normal, sugar levels good, cholesterol hadn’t taken up residence.  And I was as smug as a lottery winner.

There were three place settings at the table each fully equipped with a fork, knife , spoon, dinner plate , side plate and glass ( tumbler  in Newfoundland) .    Oh !  I must not forget the napkin.  But just to the left of  two settings lay a couple of unusual accessories.  Each was a five inch plastic container that had seven small compartments covered with a snap down lid.  Immediately I identified them as pill receptacles.  Oh dear, I thought.  These were not my parents I was eating with.  This was my university buddy and her partner.  This was my peer.  Actually she was a couple of years younger than me. And her partner was not much older.

There was no doubt about it.  I was entering another life phase.  It was a revelation to me. My friends were getting older.  I was too.  Just a matter of time before I would be awarded my plastic container.  And then what? A cane, a wheelchair? Depends?  I just wouldn’t think about it.


This morning, as I opened my container that sits on the window ledge above the sink, next to the spider plant, and African Violet I became aware of the swift passage of time.  I have this thought every Sunday morning in particular.  That is when I do my routine refills.. calcium, vitamin D, Zantac, Crestor.  It seems that I have just filled up the little cubicles and in a matter of hours it has to be done again.  While this thought goes through my mind I think what if at each fill- up I lost one pound.  How slim I would be.  Would the time seem longer then if I dieted from one pill week to the next?  I should try that.  Well they say when life hands you a lemon, make lemonade.

Next refill I will be one pound less.


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  1. So true! My little container sits quietly in the bathroom. If I put it in the medicine cabinet, I forget it! Now, what were you saying about age?

  2. I love the idea about losing a pound with the opening of the pill box each week! It certainly seems doable – maybe then over time, I can see my pills disappearing along with my hips.. 🙂

    Wishing you a beautiful day!

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