an organized sock drawer

You are never too old to learn something new.  And today there is no excuse for passing up the opportunity to learn how to do something different.  And I have found the perfect place to get the instruction.  It is not at the local colleges, university or recreation centre.  It is here, in my own home and on my computer, right there on Youtube.

So what have I learned in my own home?  Well most recently I learned how to fold socks.  You read correctly.Folding socks is an art.  I no longer put the heels together in the same direction and fold the sock in half.  Nor do I take the socks and tug the ribbing  of one over the balled up carcass of the two bodies.  Oh no!   There is a technique to folding socks.  First you place one sock on top of the other so that they are perfectly matched.   Fold them into three equal parts and bring the ribbed section of one completely over and beyond the bulk of the two socks .  Keep everything flat as you do this and you will have a very neat package.    My sock drawer is a vision of neatness and calm in what used to be a collage  of disorder.  You can sense the calm.  No need to do Yoga in my place.  Just open the sock drawer and instantly all is right in the world. The evenly space ridges of folded socks speak of undulating South Pacific Ocean ripples.  The colours of the yarn  conjure up evening sunsets of pink , blue, grey and white and the drawer itself nestles the contents in a swath of shadowy stillness.  Listen to Yanni  when you open that drawer take a deep breath, smell the scent of  freshness and put your mind back in the womb once again.

I paid $99 to do a Yoga class last winter.  Why they charged $99 and not $100 is a mystery to me.  Is there some fear of three digit numbers?  If it weren’t for my sock drawer I would get very upset about that $99.  I would think they are trying to put one over on me by persuading me that there is a BIG difference between that two digit charge and the next number up.  I know it is a psychological ploy .  People react better to $99 than to $100 but I find it a pain in the derriere and an insult to my intelligence.  That is I DID  find it a pain.  But now when theses negative thoughts come to my mind I   close  my bedroom door, turn on my Yanni tape and repeat my mantra.  Sock drawer, sock drawer,   Saw aw  aw  k       draaaaaaaw   er .         Ommmmmmmmmmmmmmm.   Then I open the little doors of the bureau, find the  second drawer and open it reverently.  Instantly there is peace.  All distractions and discord evaporate.  Everything is as it should be.

Just try it. Check it out at info central, YouTube.  Search  “folding socks”.  Then  spend a day organizing your sock drawer and see if you too will find  inner peace.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Ha ha. I have been folding socks like this for about three years. Truth be told, there is a similar method for underwear. Everyone thinks I am nuts for taking the time to do it. I guess it is a family thing. Our sister probably numbers hers in order of color or size or some such thing.


  2. Have you got another sister besides me? And all these years I thought I was the only one. lol Your socks look lovely. Mine are neatly in my drawer but not folded like yours.As for colour coding the closet, I’ve already done that many times. For some reason, it never stays that way!

  3. Just reread the comments and I see it was g who was referring to 2 sisters. I know now who he was referring to. Numbering? No, never thought of doing that! I’ll have to file that idea somewhere in the back of my mind just in case I get really, really bored! And I mean REALLY bored. lol

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