Well there was some very reassuring news this week. Okay, I do have my tongue in cheek.   They , I don’t know exactly who “they” are but they say that studies show  there is some loss in mental capacity starting at the age of 45.  Now isn’t that just the most welcome news a sixty two year old could possibly want to hear!  I have lost at least 15 years of brain physio because I thought it started around 60 and if the shrinkage on the other side of 45 is as fast as the growth preceding it then I have lost  a third of my brain cells already!

It isn’t that I don’t know that my spelling is not what it once was.  And I do see that it takes a little longer to recall my children’s names .   Often I rush into a room and come to a dead stop because I can’t  remember what I am there for.  And my calendar has become a blur of ink marks because every appointment, social event and birthday has to be recorded. But I just chalked it up to a more relaxed way of life- a retired life style.  Little did I know that I am a victim of  BRAIN  LOSS.

I’ve let 12 years ,at least, lapse without intervention. Twelve years without exercise!  Twelve years and not a single mental push up.  The cerebral muscles had  already atrophied when I registered into the mental acuity programs of Sudoku, crossword puzzles, crochet, and guitar plucking.    No wonder the required 28 days to form new habits are stretching to 5 years without any evidence of  acquisition.  And I’ll be a chimp’s banana if I can train myself to like tea without sweetener.  There are not enough days left in my life.   And which remote  turns on my tv?  You might as well expect me to do my own brain surgery.   The flexibility just isn’t there no matter how much talk there is about neuroplasticity .  Not an ounce of plastic in my 60 plus year old noggin.

But there is an up side to all this.  Competition with others is no longer important.  The competition is to retain the fully functioning cells that are left and get as much from them as I can.    The more I forget about competing with others , the more I enjoy competing with myself and the more agreeable and companionable I am .

And perhaps this endearing person I have become is a figment of my diminishing  imagination.


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  1. Blockader says:

    I heard this reported on the news last week, that brain loss begins at 45. The first thought I had upon hearing that was…well… uhm… I am sure I thought something, It couldn’t of been that important.

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