The most obvious benefit of   aging  is my  pension income.  I know this may appear to be bragging  about all my wealth but just hear me out.  I am not saying my pension allows me to live in a 6000 square foot mansion with swimming pool hot tubs and a butler.  But it does look after my basic needs and a few other things.  However, when I retired several  years ago  it took me a while to get used to the idea that I no longer had to work to get paid.  I actually felt guilty taking my check twice a month.  And that is the honest to god’s truth. I could  sleep in till ten o’clock if I wanted, have a shower, drink a leisurely cup of coffee, lounge around , read the paper, have another cup of coffee and get dressed around noon.  It was heaven.  I didn’t have to die to get there. I didn’t have to go through the Pearly Gates or suffer the judgement of my earthly transgressions.  I had arrived.  And I was still breathing and walking in a flesh and blood body.  But  still  it was HEAVEN.

There was no fear of  getting reprimanded or fired.  I didn’t have to phone my boss  to say,  Hey, can’t come in to work today,  I’m sick, someone is dying ,I broke a leg or better still both legs……. It was okay.  Nobody cared.  Nobody was checking on me.  I could go shopping and meet whomever I might , no one would tell on me.  The pension check would still come just as regularly . And it was all mine.

I didn’t have to share it any more.  No husband – divorced and someone else’s problem .  No children – they were all grown up. No pets-they would tie me down .  My own check!  Yeah!   The one I had dreamed about the first month I started working.  True.  I started work with the goal in mind that I would retire.  Talk about wishing your life away.

And I think I have passed the gene on to my son.  He is on a countdown to retirement.  I think he only has twenty five years left.  That is how many days?  Three hundred sixty five times  twenty five makes ???? And then there are leap years.  Hmmm, I’ll leave that to him to figure out which incidentally I am sure he has already.

And to top off the pension from work , at the age of sixty , I started getting the CPP!  Do a little whoop di doo over that one.  TWO cheques coming in each month now!!!! Oh dear heavenly father I must have done something right.  This getting old certainly has its perks.  What comes next?

Oh , my heart, my heart,  the OLD AGE PENSION!!!!!! I don’t know if I can stand it.  What joy!  What bliss!  Now, what was I saying about that butler?


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