Well there is hope for me yet.  Getting old is getting better every minute of my aging life.  The news is just out.  Possible cure imminent for Alzheimers.  True, it says so on MSN.  I think they refer to it as the Viagra for the brain.

Scientists have isolated a  gene in mice that can inhibit PKR.   Isn’t that fantastic!  Well I guess it isn’t so fantastic if you don’t know what PKR is.  And I have to admit I’d never heard of it before reading this article. So this is my very recently acquired knowledge of it.

PKR is a gene,  that when it is released  in the brain,  interferes with memory.   It has been found in the brains of  Alzheimers  patients.   Its presence  interferes with the communication between neurons, the circuitry needed for thinking.   Current  experiments on mice have found  that there exists  another gene that can inhibit the release of PKR . And if the PKR gene is not released the brain can function as it should.  Experiments with the mice showed that.

This discovery has  huge implications for humans .  If  scientists find we have a similar gene then it is possible that it can be used to block PKR  in our brains.  Just think of what this discovery can do! It is possible that Alzheimer’s patients will be cured.  And an additional benefit is that we can all improve our memories.  Imagine a race of super brains!

But I am not altogether surprised with this new development.  The discoveries that are being made in the frontier of the brain have been fantastic.  A short ten years ago , there was to my knowledge, no mention of neuroplasticity.  But today books, videos and  interviews  on the evidence of the rewiring of the brain are ubiquitous.  What an interesting field to work in!

I have been writing on the joys of aging.  And though I haven’t written any specific advantage to aging in this post, I feel that this new development is very relevant to the aging process.  Next bring on the inhibitor to the physical aging and we will live forever.  Now, won’t that  make us appreciate growing old!  And we might even choose to do so.


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