Since I am , most likely, in the last score years of my life, there are not a lot of New Years Resolutions I can make.  The important ones like quitting smoking, avoiding certain foods, and abstinence have made their way into my conscientiousness without any cerebral effort on my part.

The price of cigarettes is enough to scare the nicotine right out of you.  And if you are of average or below average income and want to buy a new car , boat, house or diamond, then you’d better snuff that obnoxious cigarette.  Fortunately that is done and overwith in my life.  The cigarette, that is.  The car,  house and diamond ?   All looked after.  The boat is not part of my dream items as any close friend of mine will readily tell you.

The gall bladder removal has looked after the food resolution.  And though I could lose ahemm  pounds I am forced, for other reasons , to watch some of those fatty foods.  No need to resolve anything there.  It has resolved itself as the tenderloin and butter smothered potato that I ate last night will attest to.

And as far as abstinence goes.  Well, let’s just say that I am finding it very enjoyable having my life unencumbered by a significant other.  And I prefer the arms of my recliner to any other at the moment.

So, you might ask what is there to aim for?

The answer.  Nothing.  I have nothing to aim for.  And you know something else?  I don’t want any aims.  I just want to enjoy.  Now is that hedonistic?  Maybe so.  But after a life of aiming for things , I have the liberty to do things because I like them:  Playing the guitar, crocheting, being with my grand-daughter, entertaining friends, going for walks, wasting money on lotto tickets , walking the trails.  Why would I resolve to do anything?  I am content.  Resolutions indicate discontent or a desire to change yourself in some way.  I don’t need to change myself .  Life is doing that for me whether I put in the effort or not.

So you see a benefit of growing old is that the most compelling  problems you have in youth have been resolved through age. Happy unencumbered New Year!


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  1. We can all do with being happy with where we are in life, especially if we’ve reached our 50s or 60s+. Isn’t accepting your time of life and circumstances a part of being happy and satisfied with what you’ve done/accomplished? We don’t really need to make resolutions every year, as we have tried most of the ones made anyway! It is awesome when you continue to work on eating better, and living better. Happy New Year!

  2. Anonymous says:

    So you are actually resolving not to make any resolutions then. Rationalize that one ha ha.

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