December 29

Here I am again.  8:35 am.   Still alive this morning!  Made it through another night. Just how old will I get to be?  If were an old car I’d say I have a good many years left yet.   Everything that I use is working very well.   Some parts  have been in mothballs for a while  but  I might just  air them out yet before the final day.

As I said it is 8:35 AM.  I ‘ve  been on board now for about two hours.  Had time to check my emails, make pancakes for my grand-daughter and me, and make eggs when the pancakes did not get her 2 1/2 year old approval.  And my bed is made.  That’s it this morning , no cakes in the oven , no casseroles, just a day free to make plans.

I think , since I am retired, have no family relying on me, and have  ALL the FREEDOM that I longed for my entire working life that I will kidnap my grand-daughter, jump in my car,and spend the day in the country at my home “now cottage”.  Her mother, poor thing , is young.  What a burden that  is!  I’ve nearly forgotten how difficult life is when you have to handle work, raising children, raising a husband and looking after yourself.  Kick me if I ever complain about getting old again.  And this old derriere will be able to handle even that.

So there we go;  another plus for aging.  Freedom to act on whims.

Ok car, here I come.  And I am taking my granddaughter too.  We can build a snowman, eat lunch, play with legos and watch Winnie the Pooh.  Yep!  A perfect day coming up.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Feel free to kidnap her anytime you wish. As much as I love her, it was a nice break for her Mommy. 🙂

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