My trusty recliner is in permanent recline mode.  Its resident  is too.  I didn’t move from its embrace the entire day yesterday.  Other than a nature call or two.  In fact I didn’t have to put on pyjamas to go to bed .  I was still wearing them from the night before.  Now, how good is that at all! I can lounge from dawn to dusk and dusk to dawn forever more if I want.  That is a benefit of seniorhood.  And this Boxing Day I took full advantage.

The currant dressing , creamed broccoli , goose, ham, fruit flan chocolates , cheeses, martinis and wine were still performing swan lake  ( in this case goose lake) in my inflated belly.  It wasn’t all by choice then that I marinated in my chair the entire day, Boxing Day , while the young ones continued their gluttonous revelry with yet another huge dinner . Turkey , this time.  Wait till they reach 60.

Their gall bladders are still friendly.  But the time will come when theirs too will scream ENOUGH.  I give up.  Working day and night and still you send work my way!  And then it will shoot those little stones like bullets . Take that! And that!  And that!  Rat a tat tat.  Al Capone in the pancreas.

I am done with that gorging now.  I’ve had as much fun as I can take from food, drink  and that other delight (wink) as my years can take.  My chair and  my naps suit me just fine on Boxing Day.  And everyone understands.  I am after all no spring chicken any more.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    You are only as old as you feel! Glad you enjoyed your Boxing Day. No lineups for you or me, it appears! I did some visiting yesterday and it did my heart good. I know you have lots of energy so I’ll pop by for a walk and tea.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Say what you want, but I thorougly enjoyed my Boxing Day turkey. 😉 We missed you at the feast, but glad we had you for the Christmas goose.:)

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