So the gifts are opened.  Brunch is over .  And the aromas of  THE dinner of the year are wafting through  the kitchen door. Decades of  Christmas day memories tumble in my head.

I’ve seen sixty two of them now.  Sixty two!  Can you believe it!   Twenty two with my parents.  Three with a husband, 17 with a husband and kids, seventeen  with an assortment of partners and  friends , and the last three with my daughter and her family.   Shortly I will be going upstairs where they live  and meet the inlaws -her inlaws and the ex.    I would say my ex but that implies some sort of ownership.    And I have none.  He will be with his other wife.  Good thing I like her.  But how can I not?   He does have EXCELLENT taste in women, that’s for sure.  He struck gold with two.  And me?  I am a coal miner.

Once again I will be the oldest person at the party.  Hmm!  This is getting to be a habit.  Three grandmothers , two grand fathers  and none beats me in longevity.  I think I will take full advantage this year and request they put the rocking chair in the living room so I can sit comfortably and do my crochet work.  No Christmas scene is full without a quilt lapped grandmother sitting by the fire.  And with all the efforts to create nostalgia these days I can see an opening for my part.  What about grand fathers ?  Should there be two rocking chairs?   One on each side of the fireplace?  They could give him a piece of wood to whittle.

There you go ,now!  Another reason to keep  old people  like me around for another year.  We round out  the scene so to speak.

I am completing the circle of life again.  Too soon my children will fill my place and so it goes round and round.

Well , I must go.

My goose is cooked.  Merry Christmas everyone!


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