Merry Christmas!  It’s me again with my advantages of aging.  I am up.  It’s Christmas morning.  5:00 am.  Not a creature is stirring.  Just me trying to type this blog quietly so that the click of the keys don’t wake up the young ones.

As I get older I find I don’t need much sleep.  Usually by the time my daughter and family get up I have made two casseroles, baked a cake and done my wash.  I’m ready for a nap.  Seems like I don’t need long rests .  Just need them frequently.

I can sit in my recliner. Imagine! A recliner!  I have finally learned I don’t need to sit on the edge of my seat any more.  There is no one to jump up for.  When my kids were young I needed a mere four inch space to rest my touchie.  Anything more than that and I would be too comfortable and my toddler’s  tumbling   juice glass would hit the floor.  I always had to be in good “save”  form like a  baseman on a ball team.

So I can sit in my recliner and live my life.  I read there.  Knit, crochet, watch tv, chat on the phone and eat there. I don’t need very much space.  If I downsize or slow down much more , all I will need is a hotplate and cooler on one side of me, and a couple of pieces of plumbing on the other . Frankly, I am very comfortable not needing more.  The less you have , the less there is to worry about.  And oddly enough having  less means having more.  There is my profound thought for the year.  I’ll let you think about that one.

I am really enjoying examining the advantages of aging. This is the second posting.  I am on a roll. Are you over 55?  What advantages are you discovering?  Maybe we can write a book about it?  Better get a move on though.  Time is of the essence they say so between naps let’s get this blog going.


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  1. Ada Briem says:

    Ah Judy, your writings are getting a little more Erma Bombeckish daily. Reading them brightens my day. Keep on keeping on.

  2. I think you’re finding your voice, and I mean voice in the way/sound of what you’re saying! It is very funny at times and I really like it. YOu sound very content with your lot in life. You put a very positive spin on divorce and being a grandmother! Hope you continue to write each day.

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