We had a public transport system in Grand Falls in the 50s and 60s.  Yes indeed.  And it was as efficient as you could find anywhere on the island at the time.  I don’t know if it was regulated or not .  It seemed that anyone could operate a service that ran between Windsor and Grand Falls.  All you had to do was put a sign on the roof of your car and pull up at select spots on Main Street in Windsor or High Street in Grand Falls.

It was great for us youngsters .   We would spend an hour or so shopping at the Royal Stores or the Coop store  and then if we decided we wanted to go to Riffs or Cohens in Windsor  there was no need to bother our parents . Usually the fathers drove and since they did shift work in the mill they were not always available .  So we  would hop into a “bus” give the driver our destination and once he had a few passengers aboard we’d be on our way.  Usually he wouldn’t wait long.  Just a few minutes.  And if no one else came , the bus would be ours alone.

When we finished shopping for the day, and had an ice cream soda at the Cozy Chat , we would find the bus stop once again and have the driver take us home. And that would be right to the doorstep of our houses.

Sometimes if I had walked from Grand Falls to Windsor to visit my grandparents I would be too tired to walk back.  So I would hoof it down to Main Street and continue to walk in Station Rd till I would see a cab approaching and then I would hail him and off we go .

The drivers were usually regulars and we recognized them.  I remember one named Hubert who was much older than me but whom I found rather attractive. I wonder if he worked at anything else.  And I wonder how much of an income he had at the rate of 25 cents per passenger.


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  1. Ada Briem says:

    I remember that transportation system very well. Used it on many occasions when the railway tracks seemed a bit too long to walk.

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